Go-Technic Favorite Free Software for Makers

Go-Technic does not own any of this software we just seriously suggest you check it out! These companies have provided and continue to provide amazing content for the maker community and we wanted to share their work with everyone. Let us know if you feel any software (must be free) should be added by contacting us.

Arduino IDE

The Arduino IDE is essential for programming your Arduino microcontrollers. 

Author: Arduino AG

Arduino Simulator

Arduino Simulator allows you to create a virtual lab enviroment to test projects. This requires a physical Arduino.

Author: Xevro


OctoPrint enables 3D printing from anywhere on your network using a Raspberry Pi. This also ties in with slicers like Cura.

Author: OctoPrint

Raspberry Pi Noobs

Raspberry Pi Noobs is an introductory Linux distribution for your Raspberry Pi. Use this one if you are starting out.

Author: Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Jessie

Raspberry Pi Jessie (Raspbian) is a very user friendly Linux distribution that we use on most of my Raspberry Pi projects.

Author: Raspberry Pi

Cura 3.0

Cura slices your STL models into gcode which your 3D printer will understand. Cura is the perfect slicer for most 3D printers and is the most user friendly one we have used.

Author: Cura